Breaking Through The Plateau

Shedfit personal training - learn how to break through the periods of plateau

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Breaking Through The Plateau

We’ve all either been there, or are still there, or about to get there… the dreaded PLATEAU. Everything has been going well. You have been sticking to your diet plan (haven’t you…), you have been doing your daily exercise (everyone’s doing at least 60mins RIGHT!) Your weight has been steadily dropping (if you have been doing the above). Next thing you know, a week goes by and you haven’t dropped that regular 0.5 to 1.0 kg. Worse still, the next week goes by and the same thing. Then the unthinkable, a 3rd week and you’re still stuck.

Welcome to the Plateau. It happens to everyone, and for 1 simple reason. Your body adapts. A plateau is natural and is a period of adaptation. One of the world’s foremost nutritionists, Jean Mayer, once said… “Like a wise man will reduce spending when his income is cut, the body reduces the amount of energy it expends when the energy intake (food) is reduced”

  • Forget the “Fat burning zone” and go for broke. High intensity intervals – 30 – 60 seconds are the wave of the future. If you are comfortable going at an 8kph jog, then ramp it up to 12 for a minute then slow back down, catch your breath and do it again. Training like a sprinter will lower your body fat faster than any other technique, plus it’ll boost your metabolism… Ever seen a sprinter with love handles?
  • Muscle is your greatest ally in breaking a plateau. Go for heavier weights, where you get to 8 – 12 and can’t do another rep.
  • PROTEIN IS YOUR FRIEND… Study after study shows that a higher ratio of protein to carbs makes closing body fat easier. Protein boosts the metabolism, and it also increases satiety, making it more likely that you won’t overeat.
  • Even varying calorie intake may have a positive effect. If you are averaging 1500 calories / day, try dropping to 1200 for a day, then going up to 2000 for a day, then back to 1200.
  • Try a gentle detox.. While severe fasting is a BAD IDEA, the idea of giving your system a rest makes sense. One easy way to do this is just stick to fruits and vegetables for a couple of days. The added fibre is always helpful, and the massive amount of nutrients and phytochemicals is like “spring cleaning” your body. LAY OFF COFFEE & ALCOHOL.
  • What else??? Believe it or not, other things besides diet and exercise could be stalling your weight loss. STRESS for example, or lack of SLEEP, or certain MEDICATIONS. Take a look at what else is going on in your life that may need attention.
  • Remember.. It’s all about healthy a lifestyle. Enjoy increased fitness & live life to the fullest

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