A to Z of Exercise

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A to Z of Exercise

We often hear about the importance of doing 30mins of physical activity each day, however, we don’t always. To give you some ideas, I have compiled the A to Z of activities – you could work your way through the list.

The following table shows the approximate calories burned per hour.
The calculations are based on a Female, 30yrs, 165cm tall and 70kg.
Calories burned will vary depending on gender, age, height and weight.

ActivityCalories Burned
Aerobics, aqua248
Aerobics, low impact217
Aerobics, Vigorous / High impact496
Aerobics, step aerobics528
Ballroom dancing, slow186
Basketball game, competitive496
Basketball, non-game (shooting hoops)279
Boxing, in ring559
Boxing, punching bag372
Carrying groceries, upstairs465
Cricket (batting, bowling)310
Cycling, <16 kph, leisure bicycling248
Cycling, 16-19 kph, light372
Cycling, 19-22.5 kph, moderate496
Cycling, 22.5 – 25 kph, fast621
Cycling, 26 – 30 kph, Racing745
Cycling, mountain bike, bmx528
Dancing / general aerobic403
Diving, springboard or platform186
Elliptical Trainer434
Fishing / general186
Football, competitive559
Frisbee playing, general186
Gardening, general248
Golf, general279
Hockey, field hockey496
Horseback riding248
Housework, general/dusting186
Ice skating, average speed432
Judo, karate, jujitsu, martial arts621
Lawn Bowls186
Mowing lawn341
Painting / plastering / papering186
Raking lawn267
Rock climbing, mountain climbing496
Roller blading, in-line skating776
Rowing Machine / general434
Running, 8 kph (7min:30 sec /km)496
Running, 10 kph (6 min /km)620
Running, 12 kph (5min / km)776
Running, 14 kph (4:17 min / km)869
Sailing / general186
Skiing, water skiing434
Skipping Rope621
Soccer, playing/ casual434
Softball or baseball310
Stair machine559
Surfing, body surfing or board surfing186
Swimming laps, freestyle (moderate)434
Table tennis, ping pong248
Tennis playing / general434
Volleyball, beach496
Walking 4 kph186
Walking 5 kph, moderate210
Walking 6 kph, very brisk276
Water aerobics248
Weight lifting, body building, vigorous372
Weight lifting, light workout186
X-Country Running559
X – Trainer (Elliptical)434

For more information or to find specific calories burned per activity for you, please visit www.mydr.com.au (This link takes you to a ‘Calories Burned Calculator.’)

Or try using our simple calorie calculator below. Simply select or enter your data in each step 1 to 5.

Calories Burned Calculator

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