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I cannot thank you both enough for the amazing journey you have taken me on this past year. You have guided me and given me knowledge that I hope to keep for the rest of my life, and I am forever grateful. I am going to miss my PT sessions so much - especially the boxing, but I hope to keep that up. I guess it's time to begin a new chapter in my story, and embark on a new journey, which is inspired by you both. Thank you a million.
Izzy R
PT Client
If you are thinking of joining Shedfit I can highly recommend that you do. I started as over 50, overweight, unfit and on Cholesterol medication. After just a few months I have lost 10kg and come off the medication and am beginning to get fit, my second 5 km run is next week! My husband is also much fitter and we are really enjoying ourselves. Thanks so much to John and Deb
PT Client
Hi Deb, I would lke to say a public thank for all the hard work you put in for the girls, and I am sure that we are all stronger for your help, speaking for myself I know that the body is not so young anymore but it it is a lot healthier since joining Shed Fit. Thanks Carolyn M
Carolyn M
PT Client
Shedfit has changed our lives. We wanted to lose weight and change our lifestyle. John & Deb have helped us do this. The education provided in their sessions has proven to be far more valuable to us than the torture sessions we have endured with other personal trainers. We have both learnt the importance of diet & how it affects our bodies. The sessions are fun and still push you to acheive your goals. Together we have lost 32 kgs (Ian 20kg Susan 12kg) in 23 weeks and are still setting targets.
Ian and Susan Fishburn
PT Clients
To Deb and John Wanted to Thank you both for another great session with you both yesterday with the Cardio work with Deb then the one on one with John Boxing was a most enjoyable session as always fun and still working up a sweat… I would highly recommend you both to anyone who is considering a PT training session with either one of you. Best Regards Karen K
Karen K
PT Client
Hi contemplators of using Shedfit, I am 48YO male. I have been plodding along doing Triathlons with not much change in my overall times for several years. I went to John and Deb and said,” I want to get 3mins faster on my Run, 3mins faster on my bike and shed the final 3 Kilos to get me to BMI compliance”. I can now report that this was all achieved within the timeframe given. The story doesn’t end here, I now want to get faster and with the success to date, it will happen thanks to John and Deb’s understanding of my personal goals. Shane Cooke Mooloolaba Triathlon 2011 - 2:51:08 Mooloolaba Triathlon 2012 - 2:43:44
Shane Cooke
PT Client
I love the Army its going reallly well. I am always really busy. You guys did help me when it came to my eating habits and my fitness, you guys bought me back to reality when it came to my food (if that makes sense) I am alot healthier and fitter now I know what I should be eating. Thanks Ash
PT Client
John & Deb make exercise feel easier, they really listen to what you do and dont like and make training sessions so much fun. Not only do we exercise but we also gain an education on how to maintain a healty diet, why we do the exercises we do and which muscles groups we work while we are doing them. Every session really is all about you and their main goal is for you to reach yours. Jess T.
Jess T
PT Client
It is 3 years ago since I naively began a focussed fitness journey with the Shedfit team. This has proven to be a lifestyle change that has resulted in me losing kilos, having a new found confidence, and fulfilling what once was my dormant dreams! Deb & John are generous hearted, encouraging, inspirational and dedicated trainers that go way beyond the call of duty. I am incredibly blessed to reap the rewards because they are choosing to walk in their life's passion, and I am forever grateful!
Colleen Alleway
PT Client

My name is Marie and I am 57 years of age.

I made a decision to take a long holiday and devote myself to a health and fitness process that would see me lose 40 kgs of excess weight. At the time of making this decision I was still drinking red wine and smoking cigarettes as a means of dealing with stress.

As a Shift worker for over 38 yrs I was eating when I should be sleeping and vice versa and my sleep patterns were all over the shop and I repeatedly slept in 2 hours segments and then waking up. I was ready to retire after 38 years at the same job and to begin the next stage of my life. I figured all things being equal there is no reason I should not have another 30 years before I expire.

I took 3 months long service leave and made the decision that it was time to single-mindedly devote myself to the goal. I have spent a lifetime taking care of other people and now it was time to take care of myself.

I was provided the name of Deb and John Burdfield from a colleague as being a great gym for me to achieve my goal. I made an immediate phone call to meet John and Deb and to begin my program.

That was 1 February 2014 and it was the best decision I have made in the last 10 years. For the last 12 weeks I did the Ladies Group Circuit Class (1 hour) with Deb each day Monday – Friday. Three times a week I did a 30 minute one on one with John that had me huffing and puffing and laughing at the same time.

Every week they would invite us to join in the Saturday morning Park Run (5klms) at Cleveland. I have never run 5 klms in my life!!!. It took me 8 weeks before I braved my ego to ‘give it a go’ and to see what happens.

I am accumulating photographs of me running!!!!. None of these photos make me feel ‘happy’ however they do inspire me to continue my weight loss journey. I do however have two photos on my bedroom mirror of how I want to look like after achieving my goal of 40 kgs.

When I began on 1 February 2014 I did not only want to loose weight I also wanted to be as strong and as fit as I can be.

No walking sticks or assisted walkers for me in old age!!!!

Last week on the Koala run I did a PB by 5 minutes and now I am down to 42 minutes for 5k.

In the last 12 weeks I have lost 11kgs.

It took me 8 weeks to say goodbye to the red wine (not a drop for 4 weeks) and now I am on my final nemesis the occasional cigarette (4 days but who is counting!!)

12 weeks equals 60 circuit classes and 36 one on one sessions with John and Deb. I have never been bored, I am challenged, I am excited and I am achieving great results. I have cried, laughed and sometimes I despair I will ever be able to plank for over a minute.

I have spent many thousands of dollars over the years at various gyms but never have I received the individual attention that we get at Shedfit.

Every session at Shedfit is fun, exacting and never the same as the day before.

The best day in the last 10 years was when I chose Shedfit to help me change my life for the better.

Life does not get better by Chance. . . . It gets better by Change.

PT Client

In November 2012 we decided that together it was time to lose weight. So after researching personal trainers in our area, we started training together with Deb at Shedfit. For the first half of 2013, we both slowly dropped weight and managed to lose around 10kg each. However, for the second half of the year we were under a lot of stress and sadness, that we liken to being on a roller-coaster ride. Due to this turmoil we both experienced the very negative effects of stress, by gaining not only the 10kg we had lost, put we both put on extra weight.

In January 2014, life started to settle and we both came to the realisation that our health needed to be a priority. So we got our heads back in the game and committed to losing weight and gaining long term fitness. So with Deb and John’s help we regained our focus and started challenging ourselves and changing our lifestyle.

We stepped up our commitment to our weekly personal training sessions with Deb and as our fitness got better, we started enjoying our PT sessions more. It was no longer a drag to get out of bed to go to training. With Deb’s support and encouragement we started challenging ourselves to do things we never thought we were capable of doing, like completing our first 5km Parkrun together in February this year. This was a major step for both of us, because neither of us even thought we could run, let alone run 5kms. From that first Parkrun we have continued to challenge ourselves by running most weeks at Parkrun and pushing ourselves to improve our times. We have also participated together in a variety of running events with the Shedfit team.

Health and fitness has now become a part of life for our whole family. We now exercise a minimum of five days a week and usually as a family. Even our 17yr old son, now also enjoys running with us and going to weights sessions at Shedfit with John. A family highlight of the week now is catching up with the Shedfit team on a Sunday afternoon for a social run. It’s great to be surrounded with like minded people with similar goals and we have made some really lovely friends.

This journey that we are on, it isn’t always easy, we do have challenges for example Gav working shift work and me having neck/back problems & migraines from an accident. But we don’t use these challenges as excuses now, we support each other and help each other achieve our goals, one step at time. Between us we have lost over 50kgs and have almost reached our goals, but that doesn’t mean our journey stops there. We both feel fantastic and the healthiest we have been in a long time. It’s awesome to be able to look in the mirror and like what you see, instead of being ashamed. Now when we are stressed we exercise as, you soon become addicted to the high you feel after having a good run or gym session. For us this is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE FOREVER.

This is a small bit of our journey, however, the most important part of the journey for both of us, is the support we have received from Deb and John. They both go above and beyond in supporting their clients to achieve their goals. We couldn’t have achieved what we have without them.

Gavin & Sharon
PT Clients