Pina Colada Smoothie

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Pina Colada Smoothie Recipe


One of my favourite green smoothies would have to be what I call my “Pina Colada”.
Just like the traditional cocktail, it is based on pineapple and coconut, with the added nutrient boost of spinach leaves, flaxseed, pepitas and protein powder.

Approx 50g (a good handful) of spinach
A teaspoon of flaxseed (a source of Omega3)
A teaspoon of Pepitas (a good source of Magnesium, zinc and various vitamins)
1/4 pineapple (contains bromelain – an enzyme for digestive benefits)
Scoop BSc Vanilla Coconut Protein powder
100ml Water
(Plain vanilla protein powder works ok too – if you want the coconut flavour, try coconut water instead of plain water)


Core & peel pineapple and chop into chunks
Combine all ingredients in blender or nutri-bullet until smooth & enjoy!


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